Creating Realistic New Years Resolutions

Jan 5th, 2021

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Creating Realistic New Years Resolutions

Creating resolutions is something that most people do at the end/beginning of each year. Sometimes they are realistic, but other times, they are loftier goals. Those lofty goals can sometimes seem daunting, and accomplishing them can be harder than we realize at the time.

The goal is to set realistic expectations of what you want to accomplish. Things like “setting aside $10,000” might not be a realistic goal. But you could set the goal of setting aside $100.00 every two weeks, or whatever amount you can comfortably afford, without cutting yourself short.

Setting those new years resolutions used to be a “what can I do this year, and challenge myself” which is good, but make it attainable challenges! Here are some ideas for resolutions that you can keep this year:

  • Eat healthier – make a goal to cook at home more often, which in turn, will save you money from eating out.
  • Save more money – as with the one above, cutting out things like eating out or shopping less online, can help to keep more money in your bank account.
  • Get outside more – there are so many gorgeous locations in Hawaii, and getting out to explore some of them can help achieve a healthier lifestyle, and get everyone outdoors a bit more.
  • Read more books – make a list of books you want to read, and then challenge yourself to read each month. You can choose to read 1-3 books a month, or more if you want, but make it a goal that you know you can keep.
  • Stay positive – this is one that many strive for each year. Watch what you are posting online, how you are speaking, and your inner thoughts. Try posting uplifting quotes, finding ways to remain positive, and encouraging others instead of venting (although a good vent is needed now and then), it can help to maintain a more positive outlook.

Go ahead and set those goals! Make 2021 one of the best years ever!


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