Donations to Local Organizations in Our Community

Jul 16th, 2018

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Donations to Local Organizations in Our Community

Aloha everyone! If you came out to celebrate the 4th of July with us on Schofield Barracks and you visited our booth, then you can attest to just how many boxes of inventory we had under our tables. My initial thought was that there was no way we were going to go through all those boxes but I was so wrong! We had hundreds of people stop by our booth that day and I was breaking my nails opening boxes (note to self: bring box cutter next time! lol). It felt as though as soon as I opened a box and set the samples out, they were flying off the table! Although we did go through the majority of our inventory, we did have several unopened boxes of samples left over.

Here’s where the most rewarding part of the event happened. Some gentlemen from the local VFW had a booth set up behind us. The organization does an amazing job of helping our Veterans, many of whom are homeless or in need of assistance. We had four unopened boxes of Band-aid travel kits that we gladly donated to the VFW. The men representing the VFW stated our donation would go towards assisting the homeless Vets in our area. We also had four unopened boxes of Listerine Cool Mint Pocket Packs. My team and I decided to donate two of these boxes to the USO on Schofield Barracks, which we were told would be used in care packages sent to troops serving overseas. The other two boxes of the Listerine Cool Mint Pocket Packs were donated to Surfing the Nations in Wahiawa and we were told the donation would most likely be used towards their ‘Feeding the Hungry’ program.

I’m not only extremely happy that our booth was visited by so many people during the 4th of July event on Schofield, but I’m also really happy that we were able to make donations to some wonderful organizations in our community. Overall, the entire experience was incredibly rewarding! I hope I get the opportunity to do more events like this in the future.

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