Giving August A Little Grace

Aug 6th, 2020

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Giving August A Little Grace

August came roaring in! While schools have restarted, and Covid is still raging, there is some grace that needs to be dealt with this month. Parents are making decisions, and continue to do so for the best well-being of their children and families.

Why do we need to give August some grace? Every single day, we are facing decisions that we have not had to make before. As we watch the numbers, it can seem scary. We are seeing numbers move from more testing being available, the backlog being completed, and we are navigating to the best of our abilities through the uncertainty.

Now that school has started back, it is one of those situations that many feel vilified for any decision they make. We need to remember that everyone is different, and step back and offer that grace. Whether you are attending virtually, or going back to school in person – you make the best decisions you can!

Of course, we want everyone to stay healthy! We care about our Ohana! Keep using the social distancing guidelines! You can view some of our past blogs for ideas on get-togethers, games, and more.

Stay healthy and happy!


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