Spring into April!

Apr 8th, 2020

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Spring into April!

April has come flying in! As we continue our journey into spring, we have hit some uncertain times. But, there are some things that we know for certain: family time is still fun! As we prepare to spring into better days, there are some ways to keep ourselves entertained!

  1. Cooking meals together as a family – By getting the entire family involved in cooking dinner, it can turn into a fun adventure. Give each person one thing to work on, and see what fun meals you can come up with! To mix up the eating locations, try moving to the front or back porch, throw a blanket on the floor and have a picnic, or create a tent in the living room, and eat around a “campfire.”
  2. Crafts – Many crafts can be done by using what you have in the house! Here are some super cute and fun ideas: If you have small paper bags you can use these to create hand puppets. Let the kiddos decorate them and then challenge them to come up with a short play.  Hard boil some eggs, and let the kids paint faces on the shells. Use tape on the windows in fun patterns, and use dry erase markers to create stained glass windows. Use paper plates to create mailboxes to hang on bedroom doors, and send each other positive notes.
  3. Organize different rooms – Spring cleaning has taken on a new meaning this year, but it can also be a time to get rid of the things that you don’t use or want anymore. Old clothes, kitchenware, and other usable items can be donated to local shelters or nursing homes, as their need demands. Check with your local homes to see what they are in need of.
  4. Reading – Reading is always a fun idea, but reading together as a family can be even more fun. Take turns reading in different voices, accents, and more to create even more fun!
  5. Plan your outdoor activities – Planning some fun and new excursions can give you something to look forward to. Ask everyone to share some day-trip locations that they would like to visit, and start planning!
  6. Bird/Wildlife Watching – You never know what you might see from your front window! Learning about different birds and wildlife in your area can be fun and educational at the same time!

These are just a few ideas that you can use to have more fun in the house! Share some of the activities that you have been doing while at home!

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