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Sep 7th


Sweet September Savings

We love couponing, yes we do! We love couponing, how about you!? This month, we have some really sweet savings available! September holds great promise and great savings. Currently, there are over $170.00 worth of coupons available, and we want to be sure that you take advantage of all of them! School lunches, household goods, pet needs, and many other

Aug 26th


Savings, Debt, and Coupons

The pandemic affected everyone – and we have all had to find new ways to cut back and save. Over the past several months, we have all looked at our budgets and the monthly bills that we have. Working to build a savings, or even pay off debt can feel like a daunting task. Stepping through it a little at

Aug 5th


August Holds HUGE Savings!

Coupon lovers! We have some great deals for you this month. You are not going to want to miss out on the fabulous coupon savings that are available right now. As we prepare for back to school lunches, and life in general, these coupon deals are going to help deflect the cost. August is starting out with some amazingly HUGE

Jul 27th


Preparing For Back To School

As we inch closer to August, it is time to start thinking about Back to School! It is hard to believe that summer is flying by, and we are preparing for kids to start back. For those who are returning to school, it can seem like a breeze, but for those who are going to be attending for the first

Jul 5th


Sweep In The Summer Savings!

There is so much to love about summer, and savings are no exception! Just a few things to enjoy are soaking in the warm summer days, visits with friends and family, and finding new adventures. But saving money is a great list topper for the summer too! There are so many fabulous coupons just waiting for you to clip. As

Jun 29th


Find Fun Summer Ideas To Stay Busy

It can be hard to keep kids busy during the summer vacation! If your kids are anything like mine, sometimes they will pester you until you wear down. Of course, at times, it can be difficult to keep adults busy too! Once the chores run out, sometimes they need something other than online games to keep them occupied. Here are

Jun 4th


Summer Savings Are Here!

Summer is here, and so are great coupons!

May 19th


Embracing the Outdoor Lifestyle

While the weather is always beautiful, this is a great time to be outdoors even more! Sunlight is healthy for you. There is something about being outside that just feeds the soul. With summer drawing closer, and the spring being absolutely gorgeous this year, there are so many fun activities to get out and do. Tourists are starting to come

May 5th


Saving Money With Our May Coupons!

Saving money is something that we always strive to do, but it can be difficult. There are many ways that we can cut costs and save money, but one of the most visited places is where we fail to maximize our savings. The grocery store! When we visit the grocery store, there are many savings on some of our favorite

Apr 19th


Embracing Spring During A Pandemic

Springtime in Hawaii is one of our favorite times! Catch some must do activities!