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Sep 10th


Fabulous Coupon Deals For September!

I love that coupons are able to save me money each month! Being the mom of boys, I have endless bottomless pits that never stop eating! Add in the other household items that we seem to go through quickly, and those trips to the store can get expensive! Stocking up on coupons can really help with the overall total, and

Sep 10th


Shutdown And Its Effects on Mental Health

Covid has affected almost every aspect of daily life, and the effects on mental health are becoming much more transparent. While we are all doing our best to minimize the risks and stop the spread, it has become harder as time moves on. Spending time with friends, going different places, and watching our favorite places staying closed are just a

Aug 8th


These August Savings Are Smokin!

These August deals are going to leave your head spinning! The coupons that are available this month on the website can help you save some money each time you visit the store! With schools going back, there are a lot of things that will need our attention. Whether you are needing items for pets, or humans ages 0-99 – these

Aug 6th


Giving August A Little Grace

August came roaring in! While schools have restarted, and Covid is still raging, there is some grace that needs to be dealt with this month. Parents are making decisions, and continue to do so for the best well-being of their children and families. Why do we need to give August some grace? Every single day, we are facing decisions that

Jul 10th


July’s Savings Will Keep You Smiling All Month!

Do you love saving money? I know I do! With everyone at home right now, we seem to be burning through money at the store. Coupons are helping me to cut down on expenses. From head to toe Рand inside to outside, there are coupons for just about everything you need! This month on our website there are some great

Jul 7th


Embrace Summer Fun and Keep Yourself Active

Independence Day has come and gone, but we love to celebrate all month long! There are so many different ways that we can celebrate our independence, but summer is also in full swing. It’s just a perfect combination! From picnics to art – there are many different ways to enjoy spending the summer months! While tourism is still almost non-existent

Jun 16th


Clip And Save Money With Coupons Now

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love being able to save money on my grocery bill! When it comes to feeding hungry kids, it seems like there is never enough in the house, and money goes quickly at the store. Through distance learning and now summer, kids are always going to want a snack – in addition to the

Jun 2nd


Make The Most of Outdoor Time

Now more than ever, there is a need to be outdoors, while staying safe. Sunlight is healthy for you, but as we are still monitoring Coronavirus, we want to be safe while having fun. With summer beginning, the desire to spend more outdoors gets stronger. There are so many fun things that you can do in your backyard, while still

May 5th


Social Distancing? No Problem!

Social distancing has been in effect for several weeks now. For those who are “people persons” this can be really hard to handle. As we continue to navigate through the different measures taken to ensure that we all stay safe, we do miss spending time with friends and family. With the weather continuing to get nicer, there is the want

Apr 8th


Spring into April!

April has come flying in! As we continue our journey into spring, we have hit some uncertain times. But, there are some things that we know for certain: family time is still fun! As we prepare to spring into better days, there are some ways to keep ourselves entertained! Cooking meals together as a family – By getting the entire