October Holds Screamingly Ghoul Deals

Oct 5th, 2020

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October Holds Screamingly Ghoul Deals

October brings new deals and savings! For the ghoulish deals that we have this month, you are going to scream in delight! With $139 in savings available – you can restock needed items, and grab some other delicious treats for family and pets!

Head over to our coupon page to take advantage of these savings!

How can these savings be of advantage to you? November, December and January have holidays where families expect a spread to be put out. Gifts are exchanged, company arrives, and it can deplete the stores in your pantry, or leave you scrambling and spending more on trips to the store. Start putting aside items that can be stored or frozen now, in order to reduce costs later on! Adding little things to the standing freezer, or setting aside canned goods in the pantry can help to assure that you will have access to needed items, especially when everyone else is trying to buy the same items you need!

Shop smarter, and save more now!

These deals will float away at the end of the month, so be sure to visit our coupon page, and take advantage of them now!

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