Save Money For The Holidays

Nov 6th, 2020

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Save Money For The Holidays

Do you want to save more money? I know, I sure do! I love being able to not spend everything in one spot. With growing kids, it’s hard to not spend an entire paycheck at the grocery store. I rely on coupons to save – and save big! With the holidays approaching, saving money on food and other items is essential!

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years to think about, we need to consider what we are going to buy and when. Some things can be stored (so buy early to be sure you have it), and some have to be bought closer to the time you want it. In addition to growing boys, company is going to want to eat too. Coupons are here to help save!

The coupons this month are on point! With savings on food items, dry goods, home goods, and more – these are savings you cannot afford to pass up! There is over $120.00 in savings available this month!

Grab these savings now! Visit our Hawaii Savings Page for savings, tips, and more!

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