Sweep In The Summer Savings!

Jul 5th, 2021

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Sweep In The Summer Savings!

There is so much to love about summer, and savings are no exception! Just a few things to enjoy are soaking in the warm summer days, visits with friends and family, and finding new adventures. But saving money is a great list topper for the summer too! There are so many fabulous coupons just waiting for you to clip. As we move through the summer, the savings are going to keep piling up.

Now that kids are out of school, snack time is more important, as are keeping up with the needed items in the house.

This month, there are savings available for:

  • Pets
  • Household goods
  • Food
  • Sun screen
  • Over the counter medications

What are you waiting for? Jump over to our coupon section, and start clipping away. There is over $120.00 in savings available, and new coupons will be added as they become available! Happy Savings!

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