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Everyone loves free coupons, and when you join the Hawaii Savings Club, you can find dozens of coupons for your favorite products. We are an exclusive shopping community that helps families in Hawaii save money on various beauty, baby, and health and wellness products from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands – a highly reputable name that shoppers know and trust. Whether you are looking for free coupons for Neutrogena ®, Aveeno®, Benadryl®, Band-Aid®, Tylenol®, Listerine®, or Lubriderm® (just to name a few), we can send you deals on these products and dozens more.

Furthermore, the free coupons we provide to our website members are from the manufacturer, which means you can use them wherever those products are sold. Rather than having to go to a retailer you wouldn’t normally shop at in order to take advantage of the savings, you can receive discounts right at your favorite stores. As a member of the Hawaii Savings Club, you will not only have exclusive access to coupons, but also monthly members-only contests, with prizes including Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands products, hotel stays, spa gift certificates, and more. You can also access videos and informational content on the products and brands we support, along with tips on how to use them.

Signing up for a membership is free, easy, and will instantly provide you with an abundance of free coupons at your fingertips. Simply fill out the information below to join our exclusive shopping community in Hawaii today!