Aloha November!

Nov 6th, 2020

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Aloha November!

November has arrived, and we are gearing up for a couple of holidays this month! November is one of my favorite months! I find that there are so many things to be thankful for! One of our activities during this month is to tell each other over dinner something that we are thankful for. At times, my kids will say they are thankful for things like their toys or the day off of school. Then there are times when they are thankful for friends or family.

Veteran’s Day is approaching quickly! In a few days, we will be celebrating our veterans, thanking them for their service. We have so many veterans – both retired and still serving. We are thankful for their service! If you are interested in the history of Veteran’s Day, you can read a short blog on it here:

Thanksgiving will be here at the end of the month, will all its delicious food! I love Thanksgiving – not only for the food but for the time with friends and family as well. This year will be a little different with the social distancing guidelines, but I am still thankful!

Here are some fun ideas for this month:

  • Start a thankful tree! You can add a leaf each day with something that each person is thankful for, or come up with your own design! It is a great way for kids to get involved too!
  • Cook a new dessert or dinner item together! It can be fun to try something new.
  • Take a hike outside! Our weather is still gorgeous, albeit with a little more rain, but the outdoors are still calling our names!

We are thankful for each of you! We look forward to sharing more ideas and information with you through the remainder of this year and into future years! Mahalo Ohana!

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