Money Saving Tip: Use Your Spices

Feb 7th, 2020

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Money Saving Tip: Use Your Spices

Check this out you guys. During a recent move, I had a serious “aha money saving moment” and I knew I had to share. I was packing my kitchen into boxes and as I was looking at expiration dates on my spices I came to the sudden realization I could be saving so much money simply by focusing my weekly meals around spices I already had in my pantry. Sounds simple, right? Then why wasn’t I already doing this?

I threw out so many spices because their shelf life had expired and although spices may not cost a ton of money, I calculated it would still cost me about $40-$50 to replace everything I had thrown out. I know you’re probably wondering, how did you have so many spices expire? I’ll tell you. I’m no Martha Stewart but sometimes I come across a recipe and I get this notion in my head to give it a try; however, I generally have to go out and buy ingredients I normally don’t stock in my pantry. So, I go out and buy some kind of fancy vinegar and a few new spices so that I can make this new meal and then these new ingredients never get used again. How many of you do the same thing? I can’t be the only one.

My solution: Begin planning my weekly meals around spices already stocked in my pantry. If I come across a new meal that requires new ingredients I simply make sure to find other recipes that also use those same ingredients so the new spices don’t sit in my pantry waiting to expire. Added bonus: We’ve tried many new dishes simply by using the spices I already have! What are some of your grocery money saving tips?

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