We Wish You A Month of Happiness!

Dec 3rd, 2020

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We Wish You A Month of Happiness!

December can be a very trying time for many. This year, it seems as though each month has felt like a lifetime, and yet, it seems to flash by in an instant. With the holidays approaching, it is a great time to sit back (and take a deep breath), and remember fond memories. For those with children and grandchildren, it is still a time to create new memories! It may seem a bit harder this year, with the mandates for socially distancing in place, but it can still be done!

Many of us are looking forward to getting out, socially distanced of course, and get back to the beauty of our state. There are so many great things to do, and December is a great time to take a few long hikes, and revisit the history of Hawaii. Here are some fun things that you can do this month!

  • Schedule a time to visit Pearl Harbor – this year marks the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. While they are scheduling times for visits, you can grab a slot, and pay your respects to the servicemembers who lost their lives in the attacks.
  • Find a hiking trail that is out of the way – get out and get some sunshine! Hawaii is gorgeous this time of year (although, when is it not), and there are so many great places to visit! Pack a lunch and get out and soak up that vitamin D! It will do your soul good too!
  • Plan some craft projects with the family – there are so many fun crafts and foods that you can create with the family! Create a brownie tree, or reindeer pretzels! Cut out large paper trees and let the kids paint their own Christmas tree, and then hang it on their bedroom door.
  • Put together Christmas cards for the elderly in nursing homes – with many residents in homes not able to visit regularly with their families, sending a Christmas card can be a great way to cheer them up! Spread a little more love this year!

As we prepare to close this year out, we want to wish you a month full of happiness! We love being here with each of you, and look forward to sharing even more with you in the future! May your holidays be full of joy!

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