Beauty Hacks Using Johnson & Johnson Baby Products!

Apr 1st, 2019

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Beauty Hacks Using Johnson & Johnson Baby Products!

beauty hacks and tricks with johnson's baby products

As a girl who has always had a strict beauty routine down, I can definitely say that having kids has made that routine hard to keep up with. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out of the house with a naked face, in sweats and an oversized t-shirt, and all because I just couldn’t find the time to do anything else with 3 little ones hanging on me. These days, now that the kids are older and a bit more self-sufficient, I do have more time to dab on a little bit of my must-haves (foundation, eyeliner, etc.) but I’m still not where I want to be and always in too much of a hurry.

On the flip side, having kids has definitely made me much better at managing money and realizing that not everything has to be right off the shelf or even brand name. Pinterest has been an awesome tool in helping me find alternate ways to get my favorite results, especially in the beauty department. For example, my mind was blown as I started to see how many beauty hacks there were out there, and with using products that I probably already have in my home!

Johnson & Johnson¬†products are just one of them, but as a mom, I already have a ton of their products in my bathroom that are leftover from the little ones, or even products that I use daily. As I started seeing more and more of these “hacks” I realized that, just like me, there are probably a TON of ladies/mamas out there who might not have a clue just how much you can do beauty-wise with the same products we all have at home. So, today’s post is going to be dedicated exclusively to Johnson & Johnson products and the beauty hacks they can be used for!

Beauty Hacks Using

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  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder – Ever apply your eyeshadow and notice that it falls around your eyes, especially underneath? By applying baby powder to the area under your eyes, you can avoid the buildup of extra eye shadow that you’ve noticed builds up there!
  • Have cuticles that are rough and just an eyesore? Rather than spending a ton of money on product, you can grab that bottle of Johnson Baby Oil and massage it into your cuticles/nail beds to soften them up and reduce that rough, jagged look.
  • Dull hair that you want to bring back to life? Try applying the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel into the ends. It’ll turn those dull ends into shiny, lustrous locks.

johnson & johnson baby beauty hacks

  • One of my personal favorites, is the Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo hack. I used to loathe cleaning my makeup brushes. It was a messy, long process that typically required specific store bought product but thanks to baby shampoo that I already have in the house, my makeup brushes have never looked better!
  • Personally, sometimes I just don’t have the time to shower every day. Now, I’m not unkept by any means but you know how quickly your hair can get that oily look? Well, if you apply a bit of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder to your roots, it serves as dry shampoo. A fraction of the cost, it smells great and chances are, if you have little ones in the house, you probably have a bottle lurking in the back of your bathroom cabinet somewhere.
  • I used to love taking my little ones to our “beaches” but one thing I didn’t like was all of the extra sand we’d track into the car and house at the end of the day. I never could get it all off and it drove me nuts! With the help of the Johnson & Johnson’s Cornstarch Baby Powder, the sand comes right off! No hassle and no extra grains of sand you have to worry about at the end of a day spent at the lake/beach!
  • Another great baby oil hack is to use Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil as a makeup remover. You can say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello to a makeup free face, with no leftover smudges or stubborn foundation, simply by applying a little bit of oil to a cotton ball and rubbing the targeted areas. Additionally, you can also use a damp washcloth and a squirt of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as well!

I truly was blown away by the beauty hacks I was uncovering on Pinterest recently but when I found out all of the useful hacks you could accomplish using Johnson & Johnson products, I was amazed. I had just about everything left over from the kiddos and have tried a dozen or more so far. For those of my fellow mamas who use Johnson’s as their go-to brand and are looking for ways to simplify your beauty routine, I hope some of these helped but if not, there are a ton of others you can check out!

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