Beauty Trends to Watch for in 2019

Jan 1st, 2019

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Beauty Trends to Watch for in 2019

The New Year is upon us and that means out with the old trends and in with the new.

2018 brought trends, and I embraced (and loved) lip tint and amazing lashes.  There were some I didn’t like so much… hello – the 90’s called and they want their trends back!

So, what does it look like 2019 will have in store for us?!

According to and these trends to look out for:


Grey Hair

I have always loved grey locks and now it is definitely in! Whether it is embracing your natural grays or getting that desired grey look, this is definitely a trend on the up and up! To give your grays the best care possible be sure to Check out all Aveeno hair care products to give your locks lots of love.

Dip Powder nails

Ok, to be honest I had NO IDEA what this is, I had to look it up because this will be the new trend of 2019. Apparently, your nails are dipped into a powder and the end product is beautiful nails that last longer than the gels. A definite must try for 2019!


Lilac Hair

If you’ve been thinking about dying your hair a beautiful shade of purple, this would be the year to do it!! Such a beautiful subtle yet fun color!


Bold Lips & Brows

Love this one!! I LOVE a bold lip and I am getting used to the bold brow, the reason being I had trouble filling mine in until I came across Neutrogena’s Nourishing Brow pencil…serious “brow changer!!”

The only thing I hate about a bold lip are the smudges it gets all over and then taking it off, thankfully I have my handy dandy Neutrogena wipes…they take off EVERYTHING, I seriously LOVE these things.

And the best part they have mini packets…perfect for your purse and on the go when you need to touch up your makeup and those BOLD lips…these little guys will be trending this year, I guarantee it!!!!

Things that will continue to go into 2019


White teeth

Embrace your smile with shiny pearly whites! A beautiful white smile will never go out of style, and it’s never been easier! All it takes is a few swishes of Listerine’s Whitening Mouthwash!



Radiant healthy skin

Radiant healthy skin will always be in style, and one I try to follow religiously by taking care of the skin I am in.Thankfully from head to toe Aveeno and Neutrogena give my skin all love it needs, their products have me covered from my head to my toes. Making it possible for me to put my best self forward into this New Year!

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