Embracing the Outdoor Lifestyle

May 19th, 2021

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Embracing the Outdoor Lifestyle

While the weather is always beautiful, this is a great time to be outdoors even more! Sunlight is healthy for you. There is something about being outside that just feeds the soul. With summer drawing closer, and the spring being absolutely gorgeous this year, there are so many fun activities to get out and do. Tourists are starting to come back, and while we enjoy getting out to see some of our favorite places, it can be nice to just get out and enjoy a calmer day. Here are a few activities that you can do without large crowds:

  1. Picnics – plan to have some friends socially distance with you in your backyard. Each brings their own blanket and food! Spread out and spend the afternoon together.
  2. Father’s Day – For Father’s Day, a bonfire with s’mores and food (each person bringing their own) can be a great way to share your favorite stories about dear ole dad!
  3. Hiking – find some out of the way locations that you can explore without running into a large crowd. There are plenty of great places in Hawaii to visit!
  4. Biking – get outside on a bike and ride through some gorgeous scenery. If you are like me and haven’t been on a bike in a while, you may find that you have a few muscles that complain the next day, but it is totally worth it!
  5. Sit on the beach and watch the sun rise or set – this is a low key activity, and there are plenty of out of the way beaches! You might even be able to view some of the Hawaiian wildlife that graces our beautiful island.

Small things can make the most of your time. Chalk art in the driveway, decorating sidewalks, working in gardens – all promote healthy activities. While we are still playing it safe and doing the best we can, being outside is always a lift! Making the most of the time outside will help to raise your spirits, and keep you feeling fantastic.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine! Tell us how you are making the most of your time outside! We would love to hear your ideas, as it may inspire some new ideas on our end!

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