Gift Basket Ideas for Mother’s Day

Apr 16th, 2018

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Gift Basket Ideas for Mother’s Day

Aloha everyone! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and my husband always struggles to find the perfect gift.  To be honest, I don’t need much and I’ve never really been a big fan of receiving flowers.I simply can’t justify spending money on something that withers. However, there are some essentials that I use on the daily that I would absolutely love to be gifted (and also a couple non-essentials I wouldn’t mind receiving as well); the best part, all of these things can fit into a personalized gift basket.

I’m going to talk about the non-essential items first. I’m an active person and push my body through intense workouts (also, my four year old daughter who is now pushing 45 lbs. insists I carry her everywhere) so a spa service gift card for something like a massage will always be a welcome gift. But let’s be real here – I am willing to bet that just about any mom out there would love to get a gift card for a spa service treatment. It could be a facial, a massage, a pedicure/manicure, a new haircut and color treatment…there’s something for everyone. The mom in your life will seriously thank you!

I’m also an adventurous person and love to try new things. I’ve always wanted to give rock climbing and outrigger canoeing a try; so, a gift card to a location where I could take a beginner class would be awesome! If the mom in your life isn’t as active you can find an activity they’ve always wanted to learn, such as sewing or extreme couponing or maybe they’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument, and find a place near you where you can gift them a couple lessons.


Essential items I would love to receive: lip balm and facial sunscreen. I’ve already mentioned that I’m an active person. I love to spend my time hiking outdoors and lip balm and sunscreen are a necessity. Neutrogena just so happens to make an ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen specifically for your face that doesn’t leave my face feeling oily and doesn’t cause issues with my sensitive skin type. Neutrogena also has a revitalizing lip balm with spf 20 that keeps my lips feeling moisturized hours after I apply. I carry different hiking packs, depending on the distance of the hike and I also have different beach/pool bags, which means I can never have too many of these two products.

A personalized gift basket is a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day! Find out what products that super mom swears by and loves, pamper her with a spa day gift card, or buy her that guitar and a couple guitar lessons from a studio near your house. You can’t go wrong when your gift ideas coincide with her lifestyle and goals.

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