Johnson’s Baby Powder Beauty Hacks: The Messy Bun

May 1st, 2019

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Johnson’s Baby Powder Beauty Hacks: The Messy Bun

One thing I have perfected over the years (and many thanks to motherhood!), is the messy bun. I have a lot of thick hair and I do not have time to blow dry it and style it – who does, really? Enter: The Messy Bun.

What I love about the messy bun is that it’s effortless, easy and makes you looked a little more put together.  But, there is one secret to the perfect messy bun….

Dirty and messy hair!

No joke! When your hair is freshly washed and dried, it  just doesn’t work as well – and doesn’t look good, either.

You’re probably thinking, “Kate, thats gross not washing your hair?”… Well, in order to keep my hair grease-free and smelling great, I use:

Johnson’s Baby Beauty Hacks: The Messy Bun

Johnson’s Baby Powder! It works amazingly well as a dry shampoo, which also helps build texture for the messy bun!

All I do is sprinkle some powder into my hands and rub it all around the roots of my hair.

After I apply the powder, I grab a hair tie and pull all my hair together as if i am doing a high ponytail.

Instead of pulling all the hair through, I stop halfway to leave my hair out which creates a loop (a.k.a. bun)

Now I take my hair tie and go around again to secure it and then I pull the bun out a bit

Then I use bobby pins to tuck in any fly aways or loose strands and…

Voila! Easy, messy bun in under a minute…a WIN!!

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