Summer Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Jul 1st, 2019

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Summer Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers


SUMMERTIME IS HERE! The kiddos are out of school, and all the summer time events are in high gear! What comes with summer? Warm weather and those sun rays! Lets talk about some Summer Safety tips for the little ones!

  1. SPF matters! All those cute little swim suits in store, yes they are adorable! BUT, finding the right one can help aid in protecting your baby’s skin. Finding a swim suit with a 30 SPF+ is the most beneficial to your little one!
  2. Sunscreen, yes we are all too familiar with this! When outside majority of the day, those sun rays can take a toll on your baby’s skin! Generously apply sun screen at least every 2 hours to your baby’s skin, especially when they are sweating or swimming! Try NEUTROGENA Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen.
  3. Hydration is key! Bottles and sippy cups, OH MY! Lets keep as much fluids in these little ones as possible, especially when they are outside sweating. Making sure they always have access to something to drink, can help keep your little one hydrated in the sun! Popsicles also work well too, they are not just a snack! Popsicles can be homemade, out of Gatorade for example, to keep the little ones hydrated!
  4. Ever seen those wide-brimmed hats in stores? Yes, they make baby/toddler ones! These hats, contain SPF, and can help with keeping your little one protected from those sun rays! Also, lets the little ones have shade over their faces, so they can see better without squinting; their eyes are sensitive just like us adults.
  5. Sun canopies. These contraptions are great for all members of the family! But, they are amazing for the little ones. If you need some shade for the babies or toddlers, sun canopies are a great go-to! What if you are out and its nap time, but your at the beach or lake all day, SUN CANOPY! Pricing may vary on these, BUT, they can be well worth the money!!

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