Tips On Keeping Healthy This Flu Season

Mar 5th, 2020

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Tips On Keeping Healthy This Flu Season

No one loves the flu, but this season it has been particularly nasty. We want to share some tips and tricks with you to keep your family feeling their best! With the added sicknesses running around, no one can be too careful right now.

Use these tips to keep you and your family as healthy as possible!

  • Wash your hands frequently – nothing beats soap and water! Washing your hands for thirty seconds can get rid of the majority of germs. Be sure to wash around your fingernails and up to your wrist as well. If you are coughing or blowing your nose, be sure to wash your hands each time.
  • Do not share food or drinks – often, we do not think twice about sharing a drink or a bite of a meal with a family member. During cold and flu season, it is advisable to avoid sharing anything.
  • SLEEP – this is a super important one! By ensuring your body gets enough rest, your immune system can recharge and work harder at fighting those germs that try to invade. The recommended time for sleep is seven hours for adults, and nine hours for children.
  • If you feel sick, stay home – losing time at work can be challenging, but it cuts down on the chances of infecting anyone else! Children must be fever-free for 24 hours with no fever-reducing medications before they can return to school. It is advisable for adults to follow the same timeline to ensure that you do not infect anyone else. Germs can hang on a little longer than a fever!
  • Avoid touching your face or wiping your nose with your hands – touching your eyes, nose, or mouth can lead to placing germs elsewhere, or breathing in germs that are lingering in the area. Avoid touching these areas to cut down on the chances of infection. Keep Kleenex handy for wiping your nose or coughing.

Stay healthy Ohana!


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