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Participate in a Monthly Online Contest as a Member of the Hawaii Savings Club

Online Contest Hawaii

Every month an online contest is held for members of the Hawaii Savings Club – an exclusive shopping community that offers coupons on your favorite Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands products. Each online contest gives you the opportunity to score great prizes, such as hotel stays, cruises, spa gift certificates, and GoPro giveaways, just to name a few. The only thing you have to do to be eligible to register for these contests is sign up for an online membership, which is fast, easy, and free!

At Hawaii Savings Club, we not only offer our members an exciting online contest each month, but we also provide coupons for a wide variety of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands products, including Aveeno®, Neutrogena®, Band-Aid®, Bengay®, Benadryl®, Desitin®, Clean & Clear®, Benecol®, Listerine®, Lubriderm®, Tylenol®, and many more. These name-brand products are highly trusted by our Hawaiian friends who want to use the best health and wellness products for their families while saving money. Plus, we provide manufacturer coupons, so you can use them at stores you normally shop at, rather than being inconvenienced by having to drive to a specific retailer.

We also provide our club members access to videos and additional information on the different brands that we offer, as well as tips on how to best use these products. This will help you be the most informed shopper possible.

To take advantage of our monthly online contest, along with our coupons and informational content, sign up for a free membership with Hawaii Savings Club today.