Ahi Assassins Fish Co.- Serving Only Hawaiian Wild Line Caught Fish

Jun 19th, 2018

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Ahi Assassins Fish Co.- Serving Only Hawaiian Wild Line Caught Fish

Aloha! My husband and I love to travel and enjoy trying new cuisine. We often agree that eating the local food wherever we visit is many times the most memorable part of our travels. There’s truly something wonderful about completely immersing oneself in another culture, and the stories of the people we have come across remain ingrained in our thoughts and oftentimes make us better appreciate the world around us.

When we first moved to Hawaii everyone kept telling us we needed to try poke. It was seriously love at first bite! We couldn’t get enough and over time we began finding our favorite poke hot spots, one of which is the Ahi Assassins Fish Co. in Honolulu. If you haven’t eaten here and you love poke please do yourself a favor and go check it out! They serve several different styles of poke, hot plates, and cold snacks (which include some really scrumptious smoked dips!). They also offer something unique that I’ve never seen anywhere else: fried ahi bones.

Everything you find on the menu is fresh and locally caught, which brought about their slogan ‘Boat to Table’. Also, it’s best to get there early because they only serve what they catch. So, once they run out they shut down for the day. This is one of the aspects that has kept us going back to dine at this establishment. The owners are about locally sourcing their ingredients which means everything they serve is super fresh. Seriously, if you haven’t eaten here go check this place out! You won’t be disappointed! You can find all the info about this place at www.ahiassassins.com.

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