Chubbies Burgers in Ward Village is a MUST

Nov 27th, 2018

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Chubbies Burgers in Ward Village is a MUST

Chubbies. Burgers

What is your favorite food? Mine: burgers. You guys, I could seriously eat a burger a day. It’s my absolute favorite food mainly because there are endless possibilities when it comes to toppings (kind of like ice cream which is my second favorite food). Over the past year I kept hearing people raving about a food truck in Ward Village called Chubbies Burgers and I knew I had to check it out. So, on our way to the zoo a couple weeks ago we stopped there for lunch and you guys, it did not disappoint!

Their burgers were juicy, the ingredients fresh, and their smothered fries were amazing! They use locally sourced, top quality ingredients and are reasonably priced. Their menu doesn’t have a long list of options but I was okay with that because it meant I wasn’t staring at the menu trying to decide what I was going to order. I ordered their ‘Ten Gallon’ burger, my husband ordered their ‘El Rey’ burger and we shared the ‘Chub Fries’. I was in burger heaven!

I highly recommend Chubbies Burgers in Ward Village in Honolulu for your next burger fix! I love that they use locally sourced ingredients and I loved that we were supporting a local business. Check out their website at where you can find their location and scope out their menu.

Do you have a favorite burger joint? Please share with me!


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