Maui Brewing Company: Local Beer and Locally Sourced Food in a Family Friendly Environment

May 22nd, 2018

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Maui Brewing Company: Local Beer and Locally Sourced Food in a Family Friendly Environment

Aloha! Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite places to dine out in Waikiki. They serve handcrafted drinks, locally sourced food, craft and specialty beer on tap and you get to enjoy all of it in an open air environment. Oh, did I mention it’s got a family friendly vibe? The place? Maui Brewing Company.

My husband and I love craft beer (and food!) and when we heard there was a restaurant downtown featuring Maui Brewing Co.’s craft beers we knew we had to check this place out. We were so excited to see the amount of different beers they had on tap. We also loved the ambiance of the place which featured an open air atmosphere with palm trees swaying in the background, and the noise level wasn’t ridiculous but it was just enough to sound out the craziness of our children.

The food menu was plentiful and there was something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for pizza I highly recommend The Brewmaster. It’s got kukui spicy sausage, pepperoni, roasted bell peppers, olives, and a red sauce. Their Jalapeño Bacon Burger comes with house-made jalapeño bacon, fried avocado (YES! FRIED AVOCADO!), jack cheese, and cilantro mayo. My mouth is watering just thinking about these two dishes we had on our first trip to the restaurant. The last time I went I had their Fresh Fish Tacos (picture above), which feature fresh local grilled fish, house-made tortillas, roasted tomatillo salsa, and fresh guacamole. You guys the tacos were outstanding and to be honest, I’ve never been disappointed with any of the menu items I’ve tried.

If you haven’t been to Maui Brewing Company then you should absolutely check it out! If you have been, let us know your favorite menu item. I’ll be sure to try it next time I frequent the restaurant.


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