A Field Trip to Hawaii Nature Center

Sep 27th, 2018

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A Field Trip to Hawaii Nature Center

Hawaii Nature Center

Aloha everyone! I chaperoned my son’s school field trip today and we had so much fun that I wanted to share our experience! We visited the Hawaii Nature Center located in Makiki Valley where we learned about the many various kinds of life cycles found in nature.

Hawaii Nature Center Dirt

Our informative guide took us on a hike where we had many hands on experiences pertaining to the different types of life cycles. We got to scavenge for decomposers in the dirt, such as earthworms and slugs, we had the opportunity to try and capture animals in a stream, we learned about how pollinators are an important part of a plant’s life cycle, and we learned about the native O’opu fish (which I found to be absolutely fascinating!).

Hawaii Nature Center Stream

The entire experience was educational and I love that the kids had the opportunity to learn about these life cycles out in nature where they actually occur. My son couldn’t stop talking about everything he learned and he had so many questions about what he saw, heard, and experienced. I’m a firm believer that children retain information more effectively when there are tactile activities associated with lessons. You guys, this field trip on a scale of 1-10…hands down a 10 all the way!

If you haven’t taken your kids here yet, I highly recommend checking it out. Learning to be stewards of our land and learning about plants and animals native to Hawaii are all important lessons that I promise your kids will enjoy learning about! Here’s the link to the Hawaii Nature Center: https://hawaiinaturecenter.org


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